Black Crown University x TheBSMGU present:

Facebook Ads 101: How to Automate your Digital Footprint with Facebook & Instagram Ads.

The first installations of courses! The Facebook Ads 101 course will help businesses owners become marketing experts, increase their lead generation and most importantly, SCALE!

Built for Business Owners, By Business Owners.

This course will help you grow your business. Don't believe us?...

Meet Dawn! One of our students who has taken our course. Hear what she has to say:

Here are 4 reasons why you should run ads on Facebook & Instagram:

All of your customers are on Facebook and Instagram!

Whether it be by behaviors, interests, demographics, connections, age range, income or locations, you can dig deep with the targeting functions on facebook manager. You are able to also layer them upon each other to ensure the clickers to your ads are specific to your target audience.

Facebooks targeting capabilities are exceptional.

Whether it be by behaviors, interests, demographics, connections, age range, income or locations, you can dig deep with the targeting functions on facebook manager. You are able to also layer them upon each other to ensure the clickers to your ads are specific to your target audience.

Facebook/ Instagram advertising is the most cost effective advertising investment you can make!

The benefits of advertising on facebook are endless. You can double, even quadruple your business growth with Facebook advertising. It is cheaper than most sources of advertising. The targeting options are more on-point than other forms of advertising which also leads to saving money. You can target previous customers, website visitors, specific demographics and much more. You are able to stay in front of your exact customers as many times as possible.

Your competitors are using Ads on Facebook and Instagram!!

Your competitors are using facebook/instagram ads to grow their businesses, why should't you? Compete and get in front of your customers and clients through ads to increase your awareness and revenue. You are making it easier for your competitors by not using facebook advertising to reach YOUR audience. If you're not advertising online by now to grow your business. you will not have a business much longer. But thats why you're get the course and not only advertise online by to advertise effectively!



This course will teach you, step by step, how to start running Facebook and Instagram ads for your business and brand.



What will I learn?

We are constantly updating the course. Here is a quick at what you will learn throughout the course.


Facebook Ads Manager

We will show you how to access and use the facebook business manager effectively!


Facebook pixel

We will show you how to create and install your pixel to track your potential customers. What items your customers buy and more.


Building an Audience

Building an audience is one major piece of the pie. We will help you with building your audience for your business.


Ad Creation

We will show you, step by step, how to make a facebook ad on the facebook ads manager platform.


Hashtag Strategy

We will provide you with hashtag strategies to increase your visitors to your product or services. With a hashtag strategy, you can reach larger target audience.


Facebook Library

We will show you where to find your competitors on facebook, view their ads on every online platform and how you are able to maximize your marketing efforts with the inside scoop!


How to Write Engaging Copy

We will show you how to create great copy for your ads and creatives to ensure a high click through rate and increased engagement.

and much more!!

*Bonus Section*


30 Minute Consultation.

You will receive a thirty (30) minute consultation with any of the team members to better help your business. Work DIRECTLY with us to give you that push and grow our business!


Access to past workshops and Q & A.

Gain access to our previous online workshops that will help further your understanding of facebooks ads. You will also receive our portal of Q & A's to look through. See what questions previous learners had and the answers to them!


Shadow us while we create ads, step by step...REALLY?

What if I told you that you can WATCH US create ads step by step? You will watch us show how to access that business manager, create your pixel, the copy, creative as well as the audience and much more! Giving you a hands on experience that you can easily implement with your business!

Receive a 30 consultation with one of us!!

  • This course IS for you are a business owner in any niche!
  • This course IS for you want to SCALE your business!
  • This course IS for you if...want to bring more revenue to your business!
  • This course IS for you if...Want to GROW your business!!
  • This course ISN'T for you if.. you aren't serious about business growth.
  • This course ISN'T for you make excuses why your business isn't flourishing!!
  • This course ISN'T for you are a major procrastinator!
  • This course ISN'T for you are a FAKE BUSINESS OWNER!


Check out some Frequently Asked Questions about our course:

Will Facebook ads save my business?

No! Facebook ads should be part of your marketing strategy, not the entire process. You should have a full scale marketing campaign and should never rely solely on advertisements.

Should I only use Facebook ads?

No. Facebook or any other form of advertisement should amplify what you already have in place.

Will I become a millionaire now that I know how to use ads?

It can possibly happen! Facebook ads will automate some parts of your marketing strategy but you will still have to put in the work to.truly be successful. As we tell all our students, "Ads are not like a pressure cooker. You don't just add all the ingredients and walk away!"

How do I know what type of audience to choose for my product?

You would have to look at your product, your competitors and your audience, don't worry. Contact us and we will help you!

What results can I expect?

You will receive the amount of results depending con your participation in the course and your efforts AFTER the course. Your work-ethic plays a big part in your businesses success!

I haven't launched yet, is this still good for me?

Yes! This course is a great for small, medium and large businesses who want to learn and take their businesses marketing to another level.